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Planning and Land Use Committee

The Planning and Land Use Committee promotes community input and involvement in land use, planning, beautification, and appropriately sized public, commercial and residential development in Sylmar. It provides recommendations to the SNC Board of Directors regarding issues in order to improve the quality of life in Sylmar. The PLUC Committee as it is known consists of community stakeholders and Board members:

  • Peter Postlmayr, Chair

  • Lucille Floresta
  • Cheri Blose
  • George Ortega
  • Patti Hug

To schedule a presentation or for questions and concerns please contact Peter Postlmayr, Chair at: [email protected]

The committee’s purpose is to represent, advocate and voice the interests of our community on development and land use matters to the Sylmar Neighborhood Council, City of Los Angeles elected officials, Planning and Development Departments, developers, property and business owners, and community groups.  Our goal is to guide growth and encourage sustainable development of Sylmar as represented in the Sylmar Community Plan and, to preserve, conserve and promote the unique qualities valued by Sylmar residents, businesses and workforce, volunteers, students and visitors.  To achieve this mission we solicit and encourage public input from all stakeholders in a professional, courteous and respectful manner with a strong commitment to serve in the public’s best interest.

Sylmar Community Plan

In the summer 2008 the Los Angeles Department of City Planning hosted a public workshop where it revealed the first rough draft of the proposed new community plan. The changes being considered attempt to address many of the concerns and issues raised by the community, such as new residential development changing neighborhoods. A site has been set up to provide information that was presented at this workshop. You will find this site to be valuable and information such as copies of the considered changes and maps can be found on this site.

If any groups are interested in having a presentation done by the Sylmar New Community Plan Team, please contact Anita Cerna

View Community Plan Site.

City Planning Documents


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Apr 11, 2018
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Feb 14, 2018
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Feb 12, 2018
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Jan 10, 2018
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