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Report a Sidewalk Problem

Posted on 05/04/18

Sylmar Neighborhood Council

In December of 2016, the City of Los Angeles launched Safe Sidewalks LA, a 30-year, $1.4 billion programs to make sidewalks accessible to everyone. The City of Los Angeles is committed to repairing sidewalks and improving accessibility. However, this is a large undertaking that will take time, effort and resources. To learn more about need and funding, prioritization of repairs, and submitting a request, go HERE.
Members of the Settlement Class may submit grievances or complaints regarding access to the City’s pedestrian rights of way for persons with Mobility Disabilities. To learn more about the Sidewalk Accessibility Grievance Policy and Procedure, click HERE..

Report a Sidewalk Problem
Report a Sidewalk Problem allows the general public to report a sidewalk in need of repair.
The Rebate Program reimburses an eligible property owner for a portion of the cost of their sidewalk repair.
The Access Request Program makes repairs requested by/for people with a mobility disability who encounter physical barriers such as broken sidewalks, missing/broken curb ramps or other barriers in the public right of way.

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